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Sacred Wealth Code Journal – Tools & Meditations


Welcome! You are ready to align with your unique internal design for wealth! 

Start Here!  Watch this short video and I will take you on a tour of the journal.

I give suggestions of ways you can use the it to make the journaling process both personal and powerful for transforming your wealth potential.

Below you will find meditations & processes that go with the different sections of the journal to make it super easy for you to just sit back and be guided through the process. I have also included a clearing process for working with the shadow side of the archetypes. Enjoy your journey!

Heart Drop Meditation

Your heart knows the way.

This simple meditation is the core of all the journaling processes. It will help you quickly tap into your inner knowing and connect with your Sacred Wealth Code, so you can get results right away. It will also teach you to trust yourself.

Archetype Meditation

Allowing your Archetypes to guide you.
In this meditation you can receive direct guidance from your Sacred Wealth Code Archetypes and engage with your high-value gifts. You will also learn about where you may be blocked in the shadow.

Wealth Council Meditation

The power of more than one Archetype focused on the same higher cause is exponential!
Use this meditation to get weekly guidance from your Sacred Wealth Code Archetypes or guidance on a project, problem or situation. You will be guided to connect and receive guidance from each Archetype in your Sacred Wealth Code or the Archetypes you choose form the Oracle Deck for this meeting. They will instruct you on which gifts to use, how to use your gifts, and give you an inspired action to take to get you where your soul wants you to go.

Bringing the Shadow Into the Light

Bringing the Shadow Into the Light

How to bring the shadow side of an Archetype into the light, so you can access your gifts.
In this process you will connect your challenge to the shadow side of one of your archetypes and discover how to transform the shadow energy into the light, so you can get out of your own way and start using your superpowers to create more wealth.


Did you know your SACRED WEALTH CODE is made up of 3-4 Wealth Archetypes?

Meet the rest of your Archetypes that are part of your Divine Plan for wealth and encoded
in your soul blueprint as your Sacred Wealth Code. Learn more about your Wealth Council,
and align your life with your purpose and prosperity.

SACRED WEALTH CIRCLE is a community of seekers, like you, who want a wealthy life.
This Circle is our program designed to provide you with everything necessary to discover,
activate, and put your Sacred Wealth Code® into practice to manifest a wealthy life!

SACRED WEALTH BUSINESS ACADEMY is a 12-month program of mentoring, readings, meditations, and includes a live retreat with me during a beautiful Seattle Summer. Align your energy with an encouraging, supportive group forum designed to reveal your Soul Success Map and help you follow your Sacred Wealth Code.

About Prema

Vedic Astrologer

Prema Lee Gurreri is committed to creating a world where every person is empowered to live according to their soul blueprint: on-purpose, in a way that is aligned with the best of themselves and with true prosperity.

Prema empowers leaders, entrepreneurs, visionaries, and change agents take inspired action to unlock their Sacred Wealth Code™. She has helped thousands rewire their minds for success and trust their soul’s instincts via Soulutionary’s Soul Success Map™. Using her intuitive approach to business-building and her patented Soulutionary technology, Prema’s clients manifest wealth and create meaningful lives by doing what they are meant to do. She lives by what she teaches, and has created her own highly successful business using the same principles, archetypes, and practices she teaches her clients.