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Products & Services

SWC with border (380x223)

Sacred Wealth Code Readings

This reading could be the ONE THING that you’ve been missing to CONNECT you, your work, or your business with the money, purpose, and success drawn for you.

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Sacred Wealth Archetype
Oracle Cards

This one-of-a-kind oracle deck is your gateway to exploring your connection with the Sacred Wealth Archetypes and connecting with your inner design for wealth.

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Your Sacred Wealth Code Book

You have a unique design and internal formula for attracting wealth. This formula is encoded in your soul blueprint – and like your fingerprints, that encoding is unlike that of any other human being. It’s written in the universal language of Purpose and Prosperity, and it’s called your Sacred Wealth Code.


Sacred Wealth Code Journal

This Journal will help you unlock your wealth potential of your soul blueprint. You will discover and activate your high-value gifts. Engaging with the journal will bring you closer to your soul and wealth through the journaling prompts and exercises.

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Soul Success Map Reading

This is a comprehensive Vedic Astrology Reading. I will examine the planetary transits for the year ahead and deeply focus on the areas of life that you are most needing guidance and a plan.

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Sacred Wealth Circle

This Circle is our program designed to provide you with everything necessary to discover, activate, and put your Sacred Wealth Code™ into practice.

SWBA 380x214

Sacred Wealth Business Academy

This is a 12-month program of mentoring, readings, meditations, and includes a live retreat. Want to follow your guide alongside a group of like-minded achievers?

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VIP Days

 Need some customized guidance, but are uncertain or unable to enroll in our private services? Attend an exclusive day of mentoring and mapping to identify your most purposeful path, greatest challenge, best timing, and inspired action steps for the year ahead. We offer VIP Days for those on the go who need the extra guidance and a clear plan. Using your Vedic Astrology Chart, Soul Success Map, and Sacred Wealth Code we customize the day to meet your individualized needs for inner transformation and success.

Soulutionary VIPS (380x214)

Soulutionary VIPs

Private coaching is sometimes needed to get clear and hear your purpose. Move into alignment with your divine gifts and talents with customized mentoring through our Soulutionary VIP Program.