Soulutionary | Take Inspired Action on Your Dreams and Goals
Let's face it, taking inspired action on your true intentions is where things can come to a slow grind... or even stop.
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How to Take Inspired Action On Your Dreams and Goals

How to Take Inspired Action on Your Dreams and Goals [Video]


Let’s face it, taking inspired action on your true intentions is where things can come to a slow grind… or even stop.

That’s why I call taking action the “final frontier”.

Let me explain…

You’ve tuned into your intentions and goals for this year. You’ve gotten quiet and dropped into your heart, listened to your soul, and received clarity on your intentions and goals for this year. You’ve written it down and your inspiration has started to flow.

You’ve asked yourself two important questions:

: What do I need to embrace?
: What do I need to surrender?

You’re willing to embrace something new and let go of what’s not serving you anymore.

Now it’s time to take action! TheĀ final frontier. This is where things tend to fall apart… procrastination and perfectionism can rear their ugly heads. It’s when your intentions start to become visible to the world that you can get caught up in having to get it right and needing to have it all planned out. SUDDEN DEATH.

The truth is you only need to know the next step to take in order to move your feet so God can kick them in the right direction. You can drive from San Francisco to New York in the fog, in the dark, with just your headlights shining 200 feet in front of you to get there. You just have to know where you’re going, be present, and be willing to keep driving.

In this video you will discover:

: How to take action.
: When to take action.
: When not to take action.
: What is the best action to take.
: How to stay inspired for taking action on your intentions to have your most amazing year yet.

Click the video below and turn up the volume.

With Love and Guidance,


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